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The Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ

I am very excited to launch this mini-blog series    covering my work on the Morris Museum pro-bono project.  Conducted during my time working at the MISI Company, this project was focused on helping the museum achieve Strategic Experience Alignment (SEA) and as a result, resolve some challenges they were facing around brand, marketing, and communications as they sought to engage a new generation of museum and theater supporters.

Below is the start of the MM Journey to SEA Story…


Chapter 1 (May 10, 2010):  

Over the course of the next few months you will be privy to a behind the scenes look at what a SEA project looks like – who is part of the project team, what types of activities are involved, and ultimately – the types of deliverables and results that can be expected.

Throughout this series, we will be asking for your input on concepts/ideas we are hatching as well as your objective thoughts on how we are doing.  To kick this part off, please click this link to a 5 minute survey (and I really mean 5 minutes) about why you support cultural destinations near you.  Your input is going to be folded into our first primary research activity focused on identifying the key value propositions for different audiences when it comes to participating in museum and theater events.

For those of you who need a little more convincing before jumping in, here’s a little background on what we’re doing. In Phase 1, you will hear about the experience audit we are conducting which will include activities such as branding workshops, primary research with MM supporters and members of the surrounding community, a touch point analysis and competitive survey, and ultimately – identification of key brand promises and value propositions for their audiences, as well as what it all means to the staff members, who are tasked with getting the word out and engaging their supporters and community members at large.  In other words, we will begin to answer our key SEA questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are they trying to do?
  • How can we help them do it?

In Phase 2, we will start pulling through and implementing the strategy defined in phase 1 to usable assets and processes:  branding and design standards, conceptual and finalized marketing assets, a new website and social media strategy, and a supporting foundation of change management and governance strategies needed to ensure that we design and ultimately implement is sustainable over the long term.

Finally, in Phase 3, you will learn about the fruits of our labor.  The new website will be launched, the new communication strategy implemented, and most importantly – the updated branding and end to end experience of how supporters engage with the museum and theater live and in steady state.  We will have a baseline of metrics in place that we can begin testing progress against to see where and how our path needs to be adjusted to ensure we meeting and exceeding the expectations of all of our audiences.

Phew – hopefully that is a good representation of the lofty project ahead.  I cannot overstate how excited we are to be embarking on this journey and we hope you will share in our excitment as you follow – and contribute to – our progress.


Jerilyn and the MISI MM Project Team