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From July 2010

I couldn’t wait to get back to the office today after a morning of very exciting conversations at the Museum.  Below is a quick recap:

  1. Do You Need a Moose?  Yes – you all ready that correctly.  During our community intercepts a week ago, one of our participants offered the museum a taxidermied moose to add to their animal exhibit.  Apparently the participant’s father was a taxidermist who had donated a brown bear many years ago and in his recent passing, the kids found a moose that they could “just picture standing strong and proud next to the bear”.  See what you learn when you ask your audience how they would like to contribute?
  2. Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: During our branding workshops, you may recall reading about the proverbial wall that appears to exist between the theater and the museum when it comes to their day to day operations.  Even though we have not finalized our blueprint or our recommendations around how the teams need to be doing a better job collaborating together – during our branding workshop some of the challenges of being as misaligned as they can be starting to come out.  A few weeks after a particularly challenging example of this misalignment, we are starting to see signs (even though they may be small ones) that they get the problem and know they need to start addressing it. The first step?  Talking more to one another.  Example that they are?   Co-developing a programming list for the Hollywood glam exhibit that ties the gala, theater performances, exhibit, and other social events together.  This may sound like a small and obvious step – but trust me, for these guys it is anything but.
  3. Plasmas, Kiosks, and iPads oh My! For those of you who know me, you know I am closet techno junkie. That said – I am very conservative when it comes to introducing a shiny new toy to a client.  I do not believe in the me-too syndrome.  When it comes to the MM/ BT however, that is not the case.  They actually need to find ways to leverage the digital space to enhance and expand the experience their visitors, donors, and supporters are having with them.  Enter – shiny new toy.  Imagine being able to put that moose next to the brown bear in a virtual exhibit (something you probably would not do in the actual exhibit) and compare their respective sizes, colors, the apparent force.  Or better yet imagine trying on Elizabeth Taylor’s costume from Anthony and Cleopatra and posting the picture to your Facebook page as a way to entice your friends to check out the exhibit online.  The value of these kinds of interactions is that they pull the experience outside of the physical space into the virtual space so that anyone anywhere can engage with the museum (or theater) and in so doing – expand the footprint of these two establishments and their supporting programs/ exhibits.

As you can see – lots of exciting things going on!  Stay tuned for a more formal update in a week or so when we finalize our brand promise and start digging into our competitive research.